By Kabir Jheetah

A well-established comedy club in the heart of the East London area, the Comedy Café provides everything you need for a great night out. Serving up food, drinks and laughs, the café provides entertainment seven days a week and also includes live music and theatre shows.

Sectioned into two floors, the entertainment takes place upstairs whilst downstairs is a lovely open spaced bar/restaurant. The British pub style surroundings make for a cosy stay and if all that chuckling makes you peckish, the menu provides sit down meals and simple snacks.

Wednesday night is open mic night so expect to see a selection of fresh talent trying their luck at the comedy scene. Of course, it doesn’t always go to plan, but that’s all part of the fun here. Open mic night gives new talent a chance, whilst some of the laughs are at the actsrather than at their jokes, their courage has to be admired. Several of the acts do deserve genuine credit; displaying their true talents in providing first class entertainment.

If looking for a simple night out that isn’t at side splitting prices, the comedy café is the place to go. The atmosphere is unique and the comedy worth a chuckle or two. This really is night out with a difference.