By Rob McWhirter

If you want a bulging wrap full of healthy ingredients and you want it fast, head down to the falafel stall on Hoxton Street. In a few minutes this man will rustle you up a great big wrap that can barely contain its contents. Conveniently located opposite the Jerk chicken van, the Hoxton falafel stall is a worthy rival.

Choose from a section of three types of wrap: mixed leaf salad, cabbage and carrot or chili sauce on a toasted tortilla – they’re all good. You have the choice of two sizes: a medium wrap at £4, or a large at £5. For the size and quality of what you get, we don’t think that these prices are too bad at all.


The friendly chap makes your delicious creation right in front of your eyes: out of the Tupperware boxes comes crispy salad and into the fryer goes the falafel.  After the sauce and salad has been arranged onto the wrap out the falafel comes, mouth-wateringly golden and crispy. The result is a flavoursome, healthy and filling wrap.

Although falafel is often associated exclusively with vegetarians, this is a street stall that everyone should try. The wraps are good, the service is fast and it is all done by a very nice chap. Get down there now!