By Rob Mcwhirter

If you’re looking to expand your cocktail repertoire, look no further than Callooh Callay Bar. Situated in the heart of Shoreditch, this busy cocktail bar is a sensory delight. The recipe seems simple enough: take sensational cocktails, mix in lively atmosphere and a garnish with a pinch of class.

The best bet is to enter with an open mind. Leave that safe, staple cocktail at the door and chat to the knowledgeable bar staff about what kind of new flavours could tickle your taste buds. If you’re feeling on the adventurous side and you’re a Marmite lover, we can wholly recommend giving a ‘Marmageddon’ a try (a zingy blast of lime and tequila with a garnish of Marmite).

As with most cocktail bars, a lot of the fun comes from simply watching the drinks being created. Like a magician’s potion, various coloured liquids are poured into the shaker – next the barman pulls a kettle from somewhere and produces a nondescript jar and spoons it in. Herbs are crushed, ice is chucked and wafts of cinnamon burst from the bar. After this whirlwind of the senses you are left with a tranquil masterpiece that begs to be gulped and guzzled.

Although it’s all go at the bar, there’s plenty of opportunity to chat and chill at a distance away from it. Take a seat by a table (if there’s one free – it gets busy) and get lost in conversation in between slurps.

Aside from their cocktail making expertise, it’s the attention to detail that makes Collooh Callay Bar stand out from the crowd. As you enter you are welcomed, poured a glass of water, shown to a seat and given a small cassette box in which the menu is enclosed. It comes with a cute little mug of popcorn too .

Of course the expert service and thoughtful touches don’t come cheap. At around £9 a cocktail Collooh Callay is not the place to go if you’re out to get drunk quick, but then again, it isn’t meant to be. If you’re out for a special occasion or maybe just need to indulge yourself, Calooh Callay is definitely the venue to do so.