By Rob Mcwhirter

Tucked away in bustling Kingsland Road, The Love Shake  gives little clues to its intentions from the outside. Bar the odd table and chair that sit outside, one could be forgiven for walking right past it. ‘THIS WAY FOR COOL REFRESHMENTS’ says the sign by the door, once inside it turns out that cool refreshments are only the beginning of the story.

Upon entering you can only be struck by one thing: the insane amount of 1950’s American memorabilia knocking about this place. It’s like you’ve been transported onto the set of Grease and fallen into the props cupboard. Elvis mirrors, Monroe portraits, a ‘drink coca cola’ light sign. In fact the only thing lining the walls that doesn’t fit into the theme is the flat screen TV next to the bar, until you realise that even that it is showing Casablanca on repeat.

Onto the main event: rumour is that The Love ShakeAmerican Diner does some of the best milkshakes in town. Take your pick from shortcake and berry, banana and cinnamon, Oreo or peanut butter, to name a few. Be warned though, whilst each shake might not fill the metal container they are served in, finishing one is a challenge in its own right. With seven scoops of ice cream going into each one these guys have really taken the American theme to its extremes. On top of their waistline busting shakes they serve savoury snacks, £1.50 refillable coffee and free Wi-Fi – all of which are complemented by their lovely staff.

Once the sun goes down The Love Shake really does start to shake, with regular late night jazz and jive nights until 4 am. As they neatly put it, the night is a ‘chilled out speakeasy bohemia’.

If you’re looking for your 50s fix or you just fancy a coffee, The Love Shake is a good bet. A chilled vibe but with plenty of character, this place has a certain charm to it, even if you aren’t the American diner type.