By Rob McWhirter

Coffee connoisseurs, you’ll love Allpress. Walk in and it looks straightforward; simple furniture and décor, unobtrusive music and a bustling bar serving up coffee. However, on your right lies a big clue that this unassuming coffee shop has a bit more to offer than first meets the eye. There lies a gigantic coffee bean roaster that springs to life twice a week – you can even attend a roasting class if you’re really keen. Now it’s not in every coffee shop that you come face to face with a real life roaster.

Nor is it in every coffee shop that you come face to face with such a magnificent cup of coffee. Arriving to your table piping hot, the flavour in each cup is sublime. A creamy head is balanced on a rich, dark body that fills the mouth with a delicious tang with every sip. We experienced their very own ‘Redchurch’ bean blend and would highly recommend it.

The busy staff do their job well, making good coffee within a reasonable time. The coffee is not all that cheap at £2.50 a cup, but if you’re into your coffee the price is certainly worth it.

The focus of this shop is definitely the coffee. There is no free Wi-Fi so don’t bother trying to get any work done, but also don’t worry about tripping over charger cables and being surrounded by people staring into screens. As Michael Allpress puts it: ‘at Allpress it is all about flavour’. Come here to enjoy fine coffee in a bustling atmosphere.