By Teresa Madeline

Known more for it’s opportunities to play rather than work, The Book Club is kitted with ping pong and pool tables, board games galore and of course…books. This café, restaurant and bar does however have plenty to offer the working Wi-Fi hopper as well. With an atmosphere that is the epitome of chilled out, workers may find themselves tapping at their keyboards to the earthy rhythms of Bob Marley or Dylan as they work. The friendly staff are cool enough, but not too cool, greeting and serving customers with a much welcome touch of warmth. Neither do they mind workers sitting there as the hours wilt away, without counting the number of empty cups collected.

The baristas serve up top-notch coffee and freshly made, delicious daily cakes. Plus plenty of green tea choices for those lucky enough (or perhaps not so lucky) to not be afflicted by a bean addiction.


The kitchen serves all-day breakfasts as well as super-fresh and healthy lunchtime options, which leave vegetarians with more than enough choice to munch away, non-meaty style. Don’t expect your lunch to reach your table in a hurry however, but is worth the wait once it arrives. The price range is high enough to not be an everyday chow option but low enough to not leave wallets feeling deserted and abused. Lunch is, of course, the busiest time during the day at Book Club, so it’s best to come before or after to get a good working spot and miss the hum of background chitter-chattering.

For rump rest, there are choices of vintage style couches that most grandmothers would be proud of, or retro style wooden chairs to perch on. The décor evokes a homely cosiness with exposed brick walls and morrocan style rugs, yet is open and airy with plenty of natural light from the huge glass window front.


The Wi-Fi is speedy enough for streaming videos as well as all other possible online necessities. And there are plenty of plug sockets dotted around for those lacking in industrial battery power.

Overall, if visiting at the right time of day, the Book Clubs presents itself as a trendy, but pleasant working space also home to all kinds of tempting distractions if you can find yourself a ping pong partner…after all everybody needs a break sometimes!