By Teresa Madeline

The orange moustache is not the new, must-have hipster style for Movember. Many full-stomached and suspiciously satisfied looking Brick Laners have however, been spotted sporting this look. East LDN set out to investigate by following the trail of happy hipsters and the odd discarded chicken bone to its source. The pot of gold (or orange) at the end of this rainbow turned out to be, quite possibly, the best buffalo chicken wings this side of the Atlantic.

Buffalo Wings aren’t really the done thing in the UK, it’s quite unusual to find one establishment that specializes in only wings, which makes street food van ‘The Orange Buffalo’ one of it’s kind. A kind warning to those who would like to try, after tasting these wings of delight it’s a quite normal reaction stand up and salute the pioneering Yankees that came up with such an ingenious idea.

Orange Buffalo operates out of a van, tucked away just behind The Truman Brewery. Co-Owners Mike and Nick have been up and running for only 5 months now. Mike admits that Orange Buffalo actually came up out of one of those ‘daft drunken ideas.’ It was one of many that friends and travel buddies Mike and Nick have had, but for some reason this was one they just couldn’t let go of.

Their love for Buffalo Wings had developed during their road trip across America, “They’re like crack to us!” Mike gleams. The boys spent many nights perfecting their recipes in their own kitchens and now offer up three mouth watering flavours ‘Original’, ‘Woof Woof’ and the newest yet-to-be-named Mango Chilli addition. On a sunny lunchtime in Brick Lane the customers are flowing and it sounds like it’s been this way ever since they set up shop, although Mike admits some English customers have their apprehensions, “some even think that we’re actually serving part of a buffalo.” They have however, had the thumbs up from most, if not all, past American clients and who to be a better judge?

Each box is served with 8 chicken wings each smothered with the choice of three sauces or a mixture. Feeling brave? They also offer you a Russian roulette style box called ‘Viper in a Box’, which contains 7 original sauce wings with one sneaky ‘Viper’ wing covered in the hottest Orange Buffalo sauce, and no telling which is which. All the boxes also contain sticks of celery to help counteract the chilli hit (and probably to make us feel that little bit more healthy as we devour deep fried chicken meat) and their homemade blue cheese sauce. They also offer sides like curly fries and onion rings.

First things first, it has to be said, these chicken wings are simply divine. They are cooked to crispy, juicy perfection and the Woof Woof sauce in particular gives that perfect balance of slightly sweet, tangy and spicy flavours tied together with the creamy, cooling, full flavoured blue cheese sauce – it’s no surprise Orange Buffalo are responsible for creating their own local greasy fingered, orange moustache-d cult. The sides are good fillers but nothing to shout about next to the astounding buffalo wings that deservedly steal centre stage.

Close your eyes, take a bite into these tiny pieces of hugely flavoursome meat and you will be transported beyond this country, all the way over to the land of the free, only to be brought back to London by the sound of a friendly Yorkshire accent from within the Orange Buffalo van. Whether you’re a stateside food lover, or just a food lover, these cheeky little bites from Orange Buffalo are highly recommended!