By Teresa Madeline

So the words ‘Hackney’…and…‘Farm’ are not often expected to appear in the same sentence. Hackney City Farm is, Hackney’s – best, but not so well kept -secret. And what better way to spend a pleasant autumn afternoon than brushing up on your farm animal impressions? Hackney City Farm has them all, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, cows, (humungous) pigs and of course farm favorites – the donkeys.

There’s more to do than just count sheep, you can also explore the gardens filled with berry bushes and not so visually appealing root vegetables, there’s also Hackney City Farm orchard, and the farm shop which stocks fresh vegetables and eggs from the farm. You can even give your bike a tune-up in the inviting Bike Yard East, set aside from the farm in a cosy shed resembling that of a cheerful elves workshop.

You can also get involved with the farm through one of its many projects and courses such as Puppetry Workshops, Beekeeping and Gardening Sessions. For more information visit their website

Hackney City Farm, 1a Goldsmiths Row, London E2 8QA