By Laura Daza

The Jaguar Shoes Collective,, is a hub for creative ideas, concepts and designs combining creativity and lifestyle, which proposes social and cultural swap in a real ambiance. This versatile venue, located in Shoreditch, is a place, which offers workshops; exhibitions; fashion; art; music and unique designs for people with the same taste and design ideals. A place to relax, enjoy and share a great time together, while drinking an exquisite cup of tea or coffee and eating homemade delights.

This collective offers the best and unique design products as a platform for designers and artists that collaborate with creative outputs. The Jaguar Shoes Collective name was born by random and pays tribute to the 1980’s signs ‘Dream Bags’ and ‘Jaguar Shoes’ of a wholesaler located on Kingsland Street, hanging on the original shop front.


The businesses inside their collective include The Old Shoreditch Station and their flagship Dreambagsjaguarshoes.  The Old Shoreditch Station is a cafe place during daytime and bar venue in the evening, situated in the old Great Eastern Railway station. It started as a small coffee place, full of history and keeping the architectural look; and with time it continued growing in a short time as a well-known creative East hub. The area is composed of 2 rooms, each one with its unique energy: the Bar and the Tearoom decorated with Design treasures for sale. Most of the furniture is made of recycled material; especially the tables made from old doors and hanging old marmalade jars are quite appealing.

During the day they offer organic tea and hand roasted selected coffee to ensure a sublime quality for their customers. Selling unique brands such as Electronic Sheep, Lucy Peacock jewellery, Boskke, Veja, Kate Sheridan with the goal of promoting local designers. The people behind this idea are businessmen and creatives with the aim of empowering designers and creating change in the artistic field.

With ideas looking forward; ‘We believe in, and aim to motivate positive change through creative output’, they inspire others.

For more information visit their website.