By Laura Daza

Nasrin Ijaz is British Fashion Designer located in East London. The fact of being born and raised in London into a Muslim family, has given this designer a different perspective about life. Cultural capital is being acquired by this designer, learning and adapting to different cultures, influencing her life and therefore, her designs. Having a social and political position may be reflected in her prints, which are colourful, strong and contrasting.

Nasrin is a passionate designer and mum always giving 100% of her, which makes her outstand from the crowd. Her passion for life, especially for Fashion, has driven this designer to study what she most loves. She graduated from Middlesex University and currently is studying an MA in Fashion and the Environment at the London School of Fashion in London.


What drives your designs and what inspires you?

 I love clothes that look and feel good at the same time, I have this urge to create clothing that speaks to you, and I specialize in prints that express what is happening in the Environment. I have a huge passion for the cause in Palestine, I would love to and am planning on visiting that part of the world and take first hand images that I will then portray in my garments.

The reason behind this is compromised of three things, Fashion, Sustainability & Gaza, I have a love and personal connection with all and I would like to marry the three together and bring to the attention of the world by staging through what I know and do best, that is Fashion Design.


Who is the woman you design for?

I would like to think that I designed for the woman who takes care of her appearance, is glamorous and wishes to make a statement and stand apart from the crowd, I would not like to put a cap on the age of a women that I would target my clothing at, I think eighteen plus would be the best description.


How often you launch a collection?

As I have only recently graduated, I have only launched my first collection but am amidst starting up my online business that will have a menswear range as well as women’s wear.


Do you consider sustainability as a driver within your design process? How?

Yes as you may have gathered the MA course I am studying currently focuses on such issues therefore, I feel I am exactly where I want to be right now and am planning to have a sustainable element in my clothing collections.


What is you vision of future design?

 I believe Sustainability is the future where fashion is concerned, if we go on depleting the world resources and polluting the environment to fulfill the needs of fast fashion, there will come a point such that the resources will no longer be available to appease the appetite of fast fashion, therefore we need to think of solutions now before we a faced head on with a dire situation.

For more information visit Nasrin’s facebook page.