by Laura Daza

‘MOK A coffee art’ is a collection of limited edition illustrations created by designer and artist Laura Daza, inspired in one of her greatest passions, the enjoyment of drinking a cup of the best hand roasted coffee. Is the romanticism, the aroma and the secret behind this art making, what makes it appealing to many coffee lovers, especially to this designer/artist.


The drinking of coffee is about indulging in the simple pleasures of life and the sharing of moments together; the foam technique and the interesting designs made by pouring the foamed milk into the espresso such as lovely hearts, leaves and abstract shapes; is what makes this a unique experience.

MOK A, name that comes from Moka pot or espresso machinetta or machine; is a coffee maker invented by Italians. It is a nostalgic design that brings affection and is essential in almost every cucina italiana ‘Italian kitchen’. The designer got inspiration for this project while traveling to Italy and understanding the art of drinking a cappuccino, espresso or any other coffee derivative. With this project the aim is to reinterpret and propose a new imagery of the traditional aluminum Moka pot.

The use of vibrant colours, geometric shapes, polka dots and contrasting elements makes it a hip and pop design; exploring the boundaries of design and different ways of expressing and experimenting with life emotions. All the illustrations were hand-drawn using funky coloured markers and inks to give the sketchy appereance. ‘My studio place is located in Bethnal Green, in the East part of London. It can be said that is my home and tabernacle where I enjoy working, letting my ideas flow and especially make the best coffee in the Moka pot’
Coffee places that have inspired this designer:
Look Mum No Hands – Old Street –  London
Pitfields  – Hoxton- London
Fix 126 – Shoreditch – London
Mud – East Village – NYC
The Bean – East Village – NYC